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18 January 2002

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Hardware failures are still a major concern with computers. No one, neither an IT professional or a novice computer user wants to go through this experience. To avoid all that, test your hardware regularly with #1-TuffTest-Lite.
#1-TuffTest-Lite is a powerful tool that tests your hardware. It creates a 'program diskette' with all the test software and automatically runs on your computer before your system boots up. It is operating system-independent, having its own tiny OS for the test session, so you can use it along with any major PC operating system, be it Windows, Linux or something else. The program outputs a general conclusion (OK/Fail) and a detailed report on your hardware after every test session. You can save and print out the report later.
The Lite version, which is free, is limited in the amount of hardware it can test: up to 8 MB of extended memory, up to 540 MB of hard drive space, only one serial and one parallel port etc. However, there are two paid-for versions available that have no limits on the hardware to be tested. Download this tool today and make sure your hardware is ok!

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Having trouble surfing lately and your ISP swears it's not his fault? The cause could be your PC's basic hardware (i.e. flaky memory, hard drive, CPU, etc.). If you really want to know, check out this FREE PC diagnostics utility. It's very easy to use and is specifically designed for end users who want to rigorously test their PC's basic hardware without having to call for professional help. Self-booting with its own operating system.
Version 1.53
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